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Bridleway 71 Aldenham (shown right, in blue) runs from Watling Street to Loom Lane. It was added to the definitive map as a result of work performed by Mrs Oates, who was bridleways officer for the South Herts Pony Club, Patchetts Green Riding Club and the British Horse Society. The path was eventually recorded in the mid 1980s based on many years' evidence of use. At the time it was reopened, it was immediately a very valuable path for children and ponies based at Kendal Hall Farm and Little Kendals on Watling Street.

Three footpaths join this bridleway and the route is the only means of access to some properties, so walkers and some motor vehicles will be encountered by riders.

  • Map of locality

  • Aldenham 71 Brickfields Sketch plan of route

    Legal History
    The Hertfordshire County Council (Review of Definitive Map) Order 1988 added this path to the definitive map as a bridleway (previously shown as a footpath).
    Definitive Statement (10 Dec 2005)
    Path: [Aldenham] 71.  Status: Bridleway
    Commences from A5183 SW along well defined gravel/tarmac road, past FP46 to buildings thence NW to houses, thence NE to join with FP47 for approx. 80' to Loom Lane.
    Width: 10'
    Appears on definitive map sheet: 85.

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