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The next in our series of paths recorded since the last definitive map was published is bridleway 72 from Oakridge Lane to Netherwylde Farm. This is shown as route A - B on the plan. It may be surprising to readers to know that this path wasn't recorded ten years ago - the author can remember riding it thirty years ago! The work to have the path recorded was performed by Stephen Oates and his mother, Mrs Katie Oates.

This route is a good example of how there are many routes in ordinary use that aren't recorded, and highlights the danger of inaction now that the Countryside and Rights of Way Act 2000 has set a limit by which paths must be recorded else they cease to exist.

A special acknowledgement is due to the British Horse Society's access officers for their work towards the safeguarding of this bridleway.

Aldenham 72
Sketch plan of route

Legal History
The BHS made an application for this path to be recorded on 1 Dec 1992.
The Hertfordshire County Council (Aldenham 72) Modification Order 1996 added this path to the definitive map.
Definitive Statement (10 Dec 2005)
Path: [Aldenham] 72.  Status: BW
Commences from RUPP 20 east of Netherwylde Farm at TL 1527 0130 thence S for approx. 140m to TL 1524 0117 then S for approx. 90m to TL 1525 0108, south-west for about 210 m to TL 1516 0089, south-east for about 60 m, passing to the East of Hill Farm, to a junction with FP27 at TL 1518 0084, continuing along the farm drive south-westwards to TL 1516 0077 and thence south-eastwards past a junction with FP5 at TL 1524 0073 to the junction with the southern end of FP 27 and Oakridge Lane at TL 1528 0071.
Width: 9m between TL 1524 0117 and TL 1527 0130 and varies between 4-8m as shown crosshatched on the map forming part of The Hertfordshire County Council (Aldenham 72) Modification Order 1996
Limitations:None between TL 1524 0117 and TL 1527 0130
Appears on definitive map sheet: 77.

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