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Current status: Not currently open

At the end of 2015, the County Council's lease on the lake at Aldenham Country Park comes to an end. The dam holding the lake needs repairs and without a source of funding, it is likely to close. A developer has offered to set up a funding stream, and make sure the lake can remain public indefinitely through the setting up of a trust in return for being able to build some houses along Watford Road.

We are calling on the scheme's promoters to create bridleways round the lake's edge, if the scheme goes ahead. Back in the 1980's Mrs Katie Oates negotiated a riding track with the Country Park, but it was only by permission. As personnel at the Park changed, the riding track vanished. Now is our opportunity to put back a useful, permanent, route for riders.

A new route would:

  • be just off the Merry Hill Greenway route joining Watford Rural Parish to Shenley.
  • be just off the Aldenham Parish Ride, due to open in 2015.
  • be open to walkers and cyclists as well as horse riders, so providing value to a wide range of the community.
We need local riders to complete the company's questionnaire, by asking that if the scheme goes ahead that a bridleway route is put in place. This will support the detailed discusison that we and the BHS are conducting. The questionnaire is the last page of the information pack, and should be returned free of postage costs to "FREEPOST, MPC FEEDBACK". Please make sure you mention that you only support the scheme if a bridleway is created.
Sketch plan of route
Sketch plan of former route

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