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Map showing Bushey 46 restricted byway
Annotated map reproduced courtesy of Googlemaps.
This path runs from the reservoir path (Bushey 53 and Aldenham 78) generally northwards across the runway of the airfield, until it crosses the parish boundary and becomes recorded as footpath Aldenham 14 which leads to the pond in Letchmore Heath.

Although the British Horse Society thinks that Aldenham 14 is incorrectly recorded as footpath as it forms part of the ancient Bride Street, the Aldenham part of the route cannot be recommended for use on horseback until either enough evidence is collected to prove its status, or the landowner agrees to its use. There are some nice views from the northern end of the path.

Take great care when crossing the airfield. Do not endanger yourself or aircraft.

Legal History
Recorded as CRB (Carriage Road used as a Bridleway) on the original (1953) definitive map.
The part that fell within the land used for the Aldenham Reservoir was stopped up by powers given in s.13 Colne Valley Water Act 1945.
Bushey 46 RUPP was converted to a Restricted Byway by virtue of s.47 Countryside and Rights of Way Act 2000, on 2 May 06.
Definitive Statement (4 Dec 2015)
Path: [Bushey] 46.  Status: RB.  Definitive Map sheet: 85.
Starts at junction with FP's 38 and 35 Aldenham and runs in a northerly direction across airfield. The whole of this path except for some 50 yards at north end obstructed by airfield path. Join FP14 and 33 Aldenham.

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