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 PG: OBJECTS: PROMOTION: Aldenham 76 and Bushey 54 Berrygrove Woods Path

The Berry Grove Woods path is a wide track running from the B462 (Point H on the plan) to Otterspool Lane and Bridleway 22 Aldenham (point K) and is shown in yellow. All the yellow paths on this plan are expected to be recorded as bridleways as part of agreements made when planning permission was applied for the development of the former Wall Hall University of Hertfordshire campus into houses.

The plan also shows Bridleways Aldenham 22, Aldenham 77, Aldenham 87, and Bushey 56.

Sketch plan of route
Ordnance Survey plan of route (shown in red)
Image based on original obtained from the Ordnance Survey Get-a-map service (2005). Image reproduced with kind permission of Ordnance Survey.

Legal History
The Hertfordshire County Council (Aldenham 15, Aldenham 76 and Bushey 54) Legal Event Modification Order 1995 added this path to the definitive map as a footpath.
The Hertfordshire County Council (Wall Hall) Legal Event Modification Order 2015 upgraded the footpath to bridleway.
Definitive Statement (4 Dec 15)
Path: [Bushey] 54.  Status: Bridleway  Definitive Map Sheet: 84.
Commences from Hartspring Lane (county road) at TQ 1349 9781 opposite FP 6 Bushey, thence runs generally NW for approx. 175 metres to a junction with Bushey BR 56 and Aldenham BR 76 at the parish boundary at TQ 1336 9791.
Width: varies between 3.7 metres and 10 metres as shown shaded grey on Parts 6 and & of the Order Plan
Limitations: [1] Subject to the right of the owner or occupier for the time being of the land traversed by the BR to stack timber thereon but not so as to totally or unreasonably prevent passage
[2] Subject to a locked gate with a space to its W side lying across the path at TQ 1349 9782, approx. 12m from Hartspring Lane.

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