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 PG: OBJECTS: PROMOTION: Colney Heath 51 BOAT and 51 RB and Hatfield 26 BOAT
Map showing Colney Heath 51 BOAT
Annotated map reproduced courtesy of Googlemaps.
Map showing Colney Heath 51 RB
Annotated map reproduced courtesy of Googlemaps.
This route is best considered in two part. The first is a byway open to all traffic starting at Wilkins Green Lane (public road) and following the parish boundary between Colney Heath and Hatfield, over the Alban Way, to the verge of the A414 North Orbital Road. It has two designations: Colney Heath 51 and Hatfield 26. The county council has marked the line of the A414 crossing, and we advise great caution. Riders can also use the A414 wide verge to reach Sleapshyde Lane.

The second part is a restricted byway starting on the A414 North Orbital Road and heading generally south east or south to a junction with bridleway Colney Heath 5 then continuing to Roestock Lane (public road).

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Legal History
20 Jun 1953: Colney Heath 51 was recorded as CRB (Carriage Road used as a Bridleway) on the original definitive map and statement.
31 Dec 1977: Colney Heath 51 was shown as part RUPP part BOAT on the Special Review draft map and statement.
Definitive Statement (4 Dec 2015)
Path: [Colney Heath] 51.  Status: BOAT/RB.  Definitive Map sheet: 69
Commences from county road at Wilkins Green on parish boundary as a BOAT thence generally S along boundary to the North Orbital Road thence across road, changes to a Restricted Byway past FP's 25, 26 and 42 along W edge of Johnson's Spring past FP43, BR5 and FP24 thence to Roestock Lane at Roundhouse Farm.

Path: [Hatfield] 26.  Status: BOAT.  Definitive Map sheet: 69
Commences at junction with county road at Wilkins Green thence generally S along Green Lane across line of dismantled railway to junction with North Orbital Road NE of Sleanshyde Farm.

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