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 PG: OBJECTS: PROMOTION: Colney Heath 63 BW - Jove Gardens
Map showing Colney Heath 63
Annotated map reproduced courtesy of Googlemaps.
This bridleway runs mostly along a roadway, Jove Gardens, from Oaklands Lane to Colney Heath 15.

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Legal History
19 Aug 2016: The County Council and the landowner entered into a Public Path Creation Agreement to dedicate bridleway rights.
Draft Definitive Statement (1 Aug 2016)
Path: [Colney Heath] 63.  Status: BW  Definitive Map sheet: 68
Commences at a junction with the adopted highway at Oaklands Lane (public road) at TL 1935 0784 then running generally north east along both the grass verge and the south east side of the road for approximately 55 metres to TL 1940 0787, then continuing generally north east along the road for approximately 20 metres to TL 1941 0788. Then continuing generally north east along the private vehicular access route for aproximately 90 metres to join a track at TL 1949 0792. Then generally south east along the track for approximately 40 metres to TL 1953 0792. Then generally north east for approximately 95 metres to a junction with Colney Heath 15 at TL 1961 0796.
Width: 6 metres
Limitations: None

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