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 PG: OBJECTS: PROMOTION: Potters Bar 73 BW (Bridgefoot Lane) and 75 BW (Watery Lane)
Potters Bar 73 and 75 Watery Lane
Sketch plan of route
Potters Bar 73 is a bridleway that used to be part of the road known as Bridgefoot Lane. The section that is unmetalled was stopped up to vehicles, leaving a bridleway.

Potters Bar 73 is shown in blue on the sketch, and runs from the metalled part of Bridgefoot Lane to, and including, the bridge over the river.

Potters Bar 75 is a bridleway that leaves Bridgefoot Lane on the east side of the bridge, runs in the river for a while before exiting west on a track leading to Wash Lane.

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The Potters Bar 75 route was not recorded on the definitive map, and following our instigation, the two landowners affected, namely the Wrotham Park Settled Estate, and the Marquis of Salisbury, executed deeds of dedication so that the recording could happen by the speeded up (that is, uncontested) means. The route is shown in red on the sketch.

Legal History
BW75: Part dedicated by Wrotham Park Settled Estates, 10 Feb 1994. Remainder dedicated by the 6th Marquis of Salisbury, 10 Jul 1995.
The Hertfordshire County Council (Potters Bar 75) Legal Event Modification Order 1998 added this path to the definitive map.
Definitive Statement (10 Dec 2005)
Path: [Potters Bar] 73.  Status: Bridleway.  Definitive Map sheet: 78
Commences at junction of FP's 25, 39, 40 and 44 thence E for a distance of 436 metres until it joins the county road at the access to Bridgefoot House.

Path: [Potters Bar] 75.  Status: Bridleway.  Definitive Map sheet: 78
Commences at a junction with Bridgefoot Lane (BR73) at TL 23210 00835 thence generally S and SW for approx 350m along the bed of the Mimmshall Brook to a ford at TL 23105 00525 thence W for approx 70m to a junction with FP44 and Wash Lane (County Road) at TL 32035 00510.
Width: Minimum 3m between TL 23210 00835 and TL 23105 00525. 4m otherwise. As shown cross hatched on the plan forming part of the Hertfordshire County Council (Potters Bar 75) Legal Event Modification Order 1998.
Limitations: Between TL 23210 00835 and TL 23105 00525 the bridleway is coexistent with a river and may be founderous.

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