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Map showing Potters Bar 74 bridleway
Annotated map reproduced courtesy of Googlemaps.
This route runs from Bentley Heath Lane (which was truncated by the M25 construction) to Baker Street.

We need a volunteer to photograph this route for the 2021 Access and Riding Rights of Way Survey. It's easy - just take photographs (safely) when you use the path. Find out more!

Legal History
9 Sep 1971: The London 'D' Ring Road (A1 - A111 Section Side Roads) Order 1971 created this bridleway when the M25 was constructed. (Site plan 2.)
Definitive Statement (4 Dec 2015)
Path: [Potters Bar] 74.  Status: BW.  Definitive Map sheet: 78
Commences from a junction with Bentley Heath Lane at Grid Ref: TL2430 0008 and thence generally south-westwards just south of the M25 Motorway to a junction with Baker Street at Grid Ref: TL2417 0004.

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