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Bridleway 2 St Stephen starts on the A405 which is heavily used by motor vehicles, just by the '84' in the map extract (right). It leads generally westwards towards Bedmond, and has a junction with bridleway 1 St Stephen, which leads back to Noke Lane, through Holt Farm.

Local equestrian access volunteers, notably John Featherstone of the British Horse Society, have been trying for many years to make the access to this bridleway safer. In 1997, the parish council also asked for the bridleway routing to be improved.

In March 2004, the Hertfordshire County Council consulted the user groups and locals about the extension of Bridleway 2 St Stephen. The scheme would extend the bridleway (shown by long red dashes by the '84' on the map) by creating a new route from that point, running north-eastwards parallel to the A405, to join Noke Lane (the yellow road on the map). The Trust is strongly supporting this scheme. Unfortunately nothing seems to have come of the proposals.
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