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 PG: OBJECTS: PROMOTION: St Stephen 5 BW  H25 

This path runs from Radlett Road, Colney Street (part of Watling Street), towards and then parallel to the railway line, over a bridge to a junction with bridleway St Stephen 13, then back the other side of the railway before turning generally south eastwards to meet Harper Lane. Only the portion carrying the bridleway over the railway bridge is part of the H25.

Legal History
The Stopping Up of Highways (County of Hertford) (No. 12) Order 1958 diverted the westernmost section of this path.
The Diversion of Highways (County of Hertford) (No. 5) Order 1968 further diverted the westernmost section of this path.
The Hertfordshire County Council (St Stephens 53 and St Stephens 5) Public Path Diversion Order 2009 further diverted the easternmost section of this path.
The Harper Lane Public Path Creation Agreement 2010 added junctions to other (new) paths. The Hertfordshire County Council (St Stephens 53, St Stephens 53a, St Stephens 5, St Stephens 92 and St Stephens 93) Legal Event Modification Order 2011 recorded the 2009 diversion order and 2010 creation agreement on the definitive map.
Definitive Statement (20 Dec 2010)
Path: [St Stephen] 5.  Status: Bridleway
Commences at junction with Watling Street N of 'The Black Horse' P.H. at Colney Street thence NW inside boundary adjacent to Watling Street for approx.200 feet thence NE past Parkbury House to western boundary of railway thence N along same to a junction with BR73 at TL 1581 0235 and across railway to junction with BR13 thence generally SE along railway fence, past Old Parkbury to junction with St Stephens BR92 at TL 1608 0206, St Stephens BR93 at TL 1621 0200, St Stephens FP53a at TL 1622 0198 and St Stephens TL 1627 0188 then SE for approx 270m through copse to junction with Harper Lane at TL 1633 0166.
Width: 4 metres between TL 1623 0194 and TL 1633 0166.
Limitations: None between TL 1623 0194 and TL 1633 0166.

Appears on definitive map sheet: 77.

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