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The route runs from Station Road (county road) opposite Drop Lane (county road), over the narrow railway bridge to South Riding (county road).

Legal History
The City and District of St Albans (St Stephen 11) Modification Order 1998 contained errors and was not confirmed.
The City and District of St Albans (St Stephen 11) (No 2) Modification Order 1999 (confirmed 1 Nov 2001) correctly recorded the southern end of the path.
Definitive Statement (19 Apr 2010)
Path: [St Stephen] 11.  Status: Bridleway  DM sheet: 76
Commences from County Road (South Riding) thence E to a junction with BR12 (at TL 13515  02155) thence SE over the railway via a bridge to the edge of Bricket Wood Common (at TL 13575  02105) then across the Common to join the County Road (Station Road (at TL 13590 02095) opposite Drop Lane.
Width: Minimum 2.5 metres between TL 13515 02155 and TL 13575 02105, 4 metres between TL 13575 02105 and TL 13590 02095.

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