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This path runs from Mount Pleasant Lane to Bucknalls Lane, through Bricket Wood Common. Although the route had been shown on earlier maps, it was hotly contested by the owner of part of the route. He fenced it so tightly that it was very hard to get through. John Featherstone, BHS County Bridleways Officer, led for riders at two public inquiries to assert riders' rights. By linking to St Stephen 8, riders can get back to School Lane, the pub and the Water Meadows.

A special acknowledgement is due to the British Horse Society for their work towards the defending of this bridleway.

St Stephen 58 BW
Sketch plan of route

Legal History
The path was shown as bridleway on the 'special review' draft map published in 1984.
The Hertfordshire County Council (St Stephens 58) Modification Order 1996 added the width to the definitive statement.
The Hertfordshire County Council (St Stephen 58 (part)) Modification Order 1997 would have downgraded the path to a footpath, but following a public inquiry, it was not confirmed. The path's status is therefore bridleway.
Definitive Statement (1 Dec 2005)
Path: [St Stephen] 58.  Status: BW
Commences at junction with Mount Pleasant Lane at Tally Ho Corner thence SW along railway and across FP59 through Bricket Wood Common to TL 1286 0130 from where it follows the boundary of a property known as "Wood End" to TL 1282 0124. Thereafter it crosses the forecourt of Wood End in a straight line to TL 1283 0121 and continues along a private access road to its junction with BR8 at TL 1257 0121.
Width: 1.5m from TL 1286 0130 to TL 1282 0124 then 2m to TL 1283 0121 and thereafter the width of the road

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