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Byway 72 St Stephen (shown right in red) runs from Millhouse Lane, Bedmond, generally south west to a junction with bridleways 4 and 41.

This path is an old road, but St Albans City and District Council recorded it as a footpath in 1990. An application had to be made to ensure that riders were not prevented from using the route in the future, as the recording of a route as a footpath can make people think it is only a footpath.

The order to record the path was opposed and a public inquiry held, but the Inspector agreed with the application and confirmed the order.

A special acknowledgement is due to the British Horse Society for their work towards the recording of this bridleway.

St Stephen 72 Job's Wood
Sketch plan of route
Unrecorded Route The sketch map for St Stephen 72 above shows the route of Millhouse Lane continuing to Searches Farm. The section between Millhouse Farm and Searches Farm (shown C to D on the plan), while having the status of a road, is unsurfaced and needs to be recorded. Have you ridden this route? Remember! There is now a cut off date for getting paths recorded, so we need to tackle one a month! Anyone who has used this route is asked to get in touch, as more user evidence is needed. We will send an evidence form to you if you email us. Please say when you first rode the path, and when you last rode it.

Legal History
The City and District of St Albans (St Michael's and St Stephen's Parishes) Modification Order 1990 added this path to the definitive map as a footpath.
The City and District of St Albans (Byway 72 St Stephen) Modification Order 1995 (confirmed 2000) changed the depiction of this path on the definitive map from footpath to byway.
Definitive Statement (19 Apr 2010)
Path: [St Stephen] 72.  Status: BOAT  DM sheet: 76
Commences from Millhouse Lane (county road), Bedmond (at TL 1060 0365) thence generally southwestwards to a junction with BR4 and BR41 St Stephen (at TL 1046 0346).
Width: Varies between 8.2m and 10m as shown hatched on the plan annexed to the City and District of St Albans (Byway 72 St Stephen) Modification Order 1995.

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