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 PG: OBJECTS: PROMOTION: St Stephen 74 BW  H25 

The route runs from Riverside Way, off Drop Lane, and leads to Smug Oak Lane, near the junction with bridleway St Stephen 6, and bridleway St Stephen 65.

This path was dedicated by the owners, Mr & Mrs Guard, because "they saw some girls crossing the road and struggling with Smug Oak Lane". Mr Guard contacted the County Council himself to make the dedication.

Legal History
Dedicated by Mr & Mrs Guard on 20 Dec 1995.
Definitive Statement (19 Apr 2010)
Path: [St Stephen] 74.  Status: Bridleway  DM sheet: 77
Commences from county road Smug Oak Lane and junction with BR6 at TL 1504 0225 thence generally SW for 45m to Riverside Way at TL 1503 0221.
Width: 3m.
Limitations: None.

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