Patchetts Green Bridleways Trust

This path was created in 2010 as part of a package of changes agreed with Lafarge Aggregates.

Legal History
The Harper Lane Public Path Creation Agreement 2010 added junctions to other (new) paths. The Hertfordshire County Council (St Stephens 53, St Stephens 53a, St Stephens 5, St Stephens 92 and St Stephens 93) Legal Event Modification Order 2011 recorded the 2010 creation agreement on the definitive map.
Definitive Statement (20 Dec 2010)
Path: [St Stephen] 92.  Status: Bridleway
Commences at St Stephens BR5 at TL 1608 0206 and continues N along track for approx. 220m to TL 1611 0226 and then for approx. 135m on E side of track to TL 1612 0239, then NW for approx. 15m to join , St Stephens BR13 at TL 1622 0240.
Width: 4 metres.
Limitations: None.

Appears on definitive map sheet: 77.

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