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 PG: OBJECTS: PROMOTION: South Mimms [formerly Potters Bar] 80 BW - Saffron Green Bridleway

On 23 Sep 03, a new bridleway was opened on land held by Hertfordshire County Council's Rural Estates section. The path runs from Galley Lane to the Restricted Byway known as Arkley Lane. It enables a circular ride to be made using Galley Lane, Arkley Lane and another Restricted Byway in the area, Oaklands Lane.

As a result of the creation of this path, the Council received the British Horse Society's Route Creation Award in 2003.

This map shows the area of the new path. The bridleway in is in the top-centre square, running just south of the stream (shown in blue), within the green shaded area. It starts on Galley Lane, and runs generally south-west to Arkley Lane, which is shown by broken lines.

The opening of the Saffron Green bridleway The opening of the bridleway

Legal History
The path was dedicated as a bridleway by Hertfordshire County Council.
The Green Belt Land (Land at Saffron Green, Hertfordshire) Order 2008 converted the Green Belt land to highway (bridleway) land.
The Hertfordshire County Council (Potters Bar 80) Legal Event Modification Order 2008 added this path to the definitive map.
This path is in South Mimms Parish from May 2008, when the South Mimms Parish was created by SI 2008/43. The path number remains the same.
Definitive Statement (20 Aug 2008)
Path: [Potters Bar] 80.  Status: BW
Commences at Galley Lane at TQ 2237 9780 then continues generally south west for approximately 345 metres to the junction with Potters Bar 78, the bridleway then continues generally south west for approximately 335 metres to meet Restricted Byway 77 (Arkley Lane) at TQ 2185 9745.
Width: 5.2m.
Limitations: A field gate, a cattle grid and a bridle gate at TQ 2237 9780. A field gate at TQ 2185 9745.

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