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route from Current status: OPEN.

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Strategic significance: This path forms part of two of the community circuits planned by the Trust and BHS for the area: the Aldenham Parish Ride and the Shenley Parish Ride.

Borehamwood Times article

Photographs (taken 8 Aug 09): The following photographs illustrate the route, starting from the Radlett Lane end.

Background: Many years ago, when the plans for the redevelopment of the old Shenley Hospital into housing were first considered by Hertsmere Borough Council (as local planning authority), the master plan for the area showed a proposed bridleway round the western side of the site. Nothing happened for several years, so our Trustees set about influencing applicants for planning permissions to get the route of the bridleway specified.

New Shenley (Porters Park) BridlewayProgress was slow, and depended on different sections of the land being developed. Several small sections were achived. After these successes, the route was eventually taken on by the Greenways project. Liz Drake of the Borough Council spent a couple of years trying to gain the legal agreements needed to create the path (with our encouragement, of course).

June 2007: The land owners concerned have agreed to the details of the path. The legal documents to create the bridleway are being circulated for signatures and seals. Once all the signatures and seals are in place, there will need to be some work to remove blockages and ensure access is safe for horses and riders, and then the path will open.

31 Aug 07: The deed of dedication now has all the signatures and seals. Physical work will now start!
23 May 09: After set backs requiring a variation to the legal work, tenders for the physical work have been sought, and work is due to complete by end Jun 09. Then we'll have an official opening!
7 Aug 09: The physical works for route '8' are complete, and the route has been certified as being open for use by the County Council. We will now arrange an official opening, but it can be used immediately! Route '7' on the plan has also been opened, as a permissive path for the time being.
28 Oct 09: Official opening by the Mayor of Hertsmere, Her Worship Cllr Rosemary Gilligan.

The Trust is delighted with recent progress and thanks the many who have put in a good word with appropriate land owners to help agreement to be reached.

Legal History
The Shenley Park Bridleway Creation Agreement 2006 between Hertfordshire County Council, Hertsmere Borough Council and the Shenley Park Trust, dated 31 Aug 07, created the bridleway maintainable at public expense.
The Hertfordshire County Council (Shenley 38) Legal Event Modification Order 2010 added the bridleway to the definitive map.
Definitive Statement (2 Oct 2009)
Path: [Shenley] 38.  Status: Bridleway
Commences at Radlett Lane at TL 1850 0065 then NW for 5m then WSW parallel to Radlett Lane in Shenley Park for approx. 350m then NNW for approx. 105m to TL 1810 0060 then NW for approx. 165m to Porters Park Drive at TL 1795 0065. Then W, N and NE for approx 420m to TL 1785 0091. Then NE for approx 180m to TL 1800 0100 then through Cow Banks Woods to join Shenley 36 at TL 1800 0125.
Width: 4 metres between TL 1850 0065 and TL 1785 0091 subject to mature trees parallel with Radlett Lane and a minimum of 2.5 metres at TL 1810 0060.
4 metres between TL 1800 0105 and TL 1800 0125.
3 metres between TL 1785 0091 and TL 1800 0105.
Limitations: None
Appears on definitive map sheet: 77.

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