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 PG: OBJECTS: PROMOTION: Shenley - Bell Lane Pegasus Crossing  H25 

A new Pegasus crossing was opened on 20 Oct 05 to take the H25 London Orbital Bridleroute across Bell Lane, Shenley. This crossing joins bridleways Shenley 35 and Shenley 21 near the Arsenal Football Club training ground.

Dr Phil Wadey, Regional Access Officer for the British Horse Society, said, "On behalf of the British Horse Society and the Patchetts Green Bridleways Trust, the local bridleways association, I would like to thank Hertfordshire Highways and the County and Borough Councils for this new crossing. This forms a vital link in a valuable recreational route: the Timberland Trail for walkers and the London Orbital Bridleroute (H25) for horse riders. This work enables what was a precarious crossing to be usable at all times of day and will increase the safety of walkers, riders and cyclists."

Shenley Pegasus Crossing 1
Sue Harrington and Sam Gee get ready to cross

Shenley Pegasus Crossing 2
Horses, walkers and a cyclist were at the official opening
Shenley Pegasus Crossing 3
Jean Wallace waits for the lights to change

Shenley Pegasus Crossing 4
Waiting to Cross
The Pegasus Crossing has plenty of room for horses to wait while the lights change. The design installed at Bell Lane includes detectors (as shown on the pole on the left of this photograph) which prevent the lights on the road from going green while a horse is still in the road.

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