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 PG: OBJECTS: PROMOTION: Watford Rural 17 Bridleway  H25 

7 Feb 2010: The path will be closed from 4 Mar 10 for up to four weeks while widening works take place.

On 29 Feb 08, part of the H25 London Orbital Bridleroute in Watford Rural parish was added to the definitive map of rights of way as a bridleway.

The newly-recorded route was dedicated by the landowner in the 1990s, but it has taken several years for the County Council to complete the legal work.

This bridleway forms part of a longer route that passes under the railway.

The Patchetts Green Bridleways Trust and the BHS believe that there are several as yet unrecorded bridleways and restricted byways in Watford Rural parish, and encourages riders in this area to get in touch.

This newly recorded path is shown in blue on the map. Restricted Byway Watford Rural 32 is shown in red, and routes for which evidence is being collected are shown in yellow.

Plan showing Watford Rural 17 in blue and surrounding paths Image based on original obtained from the Ordnance Survey Get-a-map service (2008). Image reproduced with kind permission of Ordnance Survey.

Legal History
The Hertfordshire County Council (Watford Rural 17) Legal Event Modification Order 2008 showed part of the route as bridleway and added the junction with Watford Rural 32.
The Kebbell Holdings Watford Rural 17 Bridleway Creation Agreement 2010, made 21 Jan 10, dedicated extra width on the Original length that Kebbell Holdings had dedicated as bridleway.
The Three Rivers District Council Watford Rural 17 Bridleway Creation Agreement 2010, made 18 Jun 10, (re-)dedicated the part belonging to Three Rivers Disctrict Council as bridleway, so enabling its recording.
Definitive Statement (29 Feb 08)
Path: [Watford Rural] 17.  Status: BR and FP
Commences as BR from Delta Gain (county road) at TQ 1188 9357 thence NW to a junction with Watford Rural 32 at TQ 1184 9360 thence continues as FP under railway bridge to Prestwick Road Oxhey Estate.
Width: 3m between TQ 1188 9357 and TQ 1184 9360.

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