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 PG: OBJECTS: CREATION: Dedication by Agreement with Parish Council - s.30 Highways Act 1980
Section 30 of the Highways Act 1980 allows a parish council (community council in Wales) to enter into an agreement with a relevant landowner to create a footpath, bridleway or restricted byway over land in their area or in an adjacent parish.

The parish council is under no obligation to consult anyone. All they have to do is reach an agreement with the landowner. There is no provision for anyone else to be consulted or to object.

The only example of this power being used that we know about is in Hampshire, so no photo is available!

Highways Act 1980, Section 30

30 (1) The council of a parish or community may enter into an agreement with any person having the necessary power in that behalf for the dedication by that person of a highway over land in the parish or community or an adjoining parish or community in any case where such a dedication would be beneficial to the inhabitants of the parish or community or any part thereof.

(2) Where the council of a parish or community have entered into an agreement under subsection (1) above for the dedication of a highway they may carry out any works (including works of maintenance or improvement) incidental to or consequential on the making of the agreement or contribute towards the expense of such works, and may agree or combine with the council of any other parish or community to carry out such works or to make such a contribution.

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