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Any land owner can dedicate any of his land as a town or village green under s.15(8) Commons Act 2006. There is no ability for anyone to object. Dedication as a green creates a right of access for local horse riders and the right of other local inhabitants to indulge in lawful sports and pastimes.

The village green dedication is recorded by the Commons Registration Authority (the County or Unitary Council for the area) instead of appearing on the definitive map.

Further information on registering village greens can be obtained by joining the Open Spaces Society.

Village Green, Elstree
Photo: a village green in Elstree - the law also allows strips to be dedicated

Commons Act 2006, Section 15

(8) The owner of any land may apply to the commons registration authority to register the land as a town or village green.

(9) An application under subsection (8) may only be made with the consent of any relevant leaseholder of, and the proprietor of any relevant charge over, the land.

(10) In subsection (9)-

"relevant charge" means-
(a) in relation to land which is registered in the register of title, a registered charge within the meaning of the Land Registration Act 2002 (c. 9);
(b) in relation to land which is not so registered-
(i) a charge registered under the Land Charges Act 1972 (c. 61); or
(ii) a legal mortgage, within the meaning of the Law of Property Act 1925 (c. 20), which is not registered under the Land Charges Act 1972;
"relevant leaseholder" means a leaseholder under a lease for a term of more than seven years from the date on which the lease was granted.

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