Patchetts Green Bridleways Trust
The British Horse Society designated 1991 as the year of the ARROW - Access and Riding Rights of Way. Part of the year's objectives were to ride equestrian routes and to note:
  • whether the route was signposted (and whether any signage was illegal or misleading)
  • whether the route was open for use and unobstructed
  • whether any path furniture was fully functional, for example whether gates opened easily from horseback
The Patchetts Green Riding Club performed the survey in Hertsmere district. When the survey was completed, a report was compiled of the findings and copies were supplied to the county and district councils as a record of how the route were that summer. The report was very useful subsequently in showing how things had been, for example when new obstructions appeared on paths, we had evidence that they hadn't always been there.

We were also able to identify paths that had not been recorded by the County Council and so make applications to put things right.

In 2021, we are repeating the survey to get a new snapshot of the state of the riding network. Report on your paths!

Image of 1991 BHS Survey Form
1991 BHS Survey Form