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Applications to record paths on the definitive map of rights of way have to be made in accordance with Schedule 14 of the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981.

If an application to record rights on the definitive map is made in compliance with para 1 and 2 of Schedule 14, then one year later, if the surveying authority (the unitary authority or county council, as appropriate) has not made a decision, the applicant can apply to the Secretary of State for a direction that the council determine the application within a set period of time.

The decision is based on the requirements of the legislation, the priority scheme set out by the council, how long it is since the application complied with para 2 to Schedule 14, and when the application is likely to be determined. Local factors may also be relevant. The decision is made after an exchange of written representations between the appellant and the council. The decision does not depend on the merits of the case. It is purely a timetabling matter.

A restricted byway in Bushey Bushey 36 is a Restricted Byway
Photograph courtesy Chris Beney (2006)
Schedule 14 directions have been issued by the Secretary of State for the following local cases:

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