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1967The Patchetts Green Riding Club was formed.
2003The Patchetts Green Bridleways Trust was created by Deed on 30 Dec 2003 by the founding trustees: Sue Harrington, Phil Wadey and Bob Ritson. This was to take over and continue the bridleways work previously performed by the Patchetts Green Riding Club which closed on 17 November 2003.
2004The Patchetts Green Bridleways Trust was recognised as charitable by the Inland Revenue under reference XR73819. This recognition enabled the collection of gift aid on qualifying donations.
2005The trustees modified the Objects of the Trust to meet a request of the Charity Commission in order that the Trust could be registered. The Deed of variation was dated 5 Apr 2005. The Trust was added to the Register of Charities on 17 May 2005 with charity number 1109497.
2020The trustees applied to convert the trust to a Charitable Incorporated Organisation on 11 Jun 2020, and the CIO was added to the Register of Charities on 15 Jun 2020 with charity number 1189953 and company number CE022190. HM Revenue & Customs recognised the CIO as charitable under reference ZD08240. This recognition enables the collection of gift aid on qualifying donations to the new organisation. There will be a period of parallel running before the CIO version is the active charity.

YearMajor Achievements and Noteworthy Events
1991Members of the Patchetts Green Riding Club surveyed riding routes in Hertsmere and nearby as part of the British Horse Society's 'Year of the ARROW'. The results of the survey were used to prevent further degradation of any of the definitive paths, and to identify paths that needed recording for follow-up work.
2005New Pegasus crossing of Bell Lane, Shenley opened following PGBT lobbying. It was created as part of the Hertsmere Greenways Project.
2006Official opening of the A41 underpass, using land held as part of the M1 motorway. This crossing had been identified at a Patchetts Green Riding Club bridleways night in 1991.
2007North Mymms 83 and Potters Bar 79 (bridge over A1(M)) was recorded as a bridleway.
2008Woodcock Hill recorded as a Village Green. We had supplied user evidence on horseback, and a contribution towards the cost of presenting the application to the Inspector.
Watford Rural 32 was recorded as a restricted byway following our application.
2009Northaw 10 recorded as part bridleway and part byway.
2010Aldenham 82 (Blackbirds Lane) recorded as a restricted byway.
Bushey 40 and 51 (bridge over M1 between Hilfield Lane and Hilfield Lane South) upgraded to bridleway following successful appeal to Secretary of State.
2011Shenley 40 (Old St Albans Road) was recorded as a restricted byway.
Shenley 45 and Elstree 49 were recorded as a restricted byway across the Woodhall Estate, joining Tykeswater Lane to Shenley village.
Shenley 42 from Shenley 13 BW to the Old St Albans Road was dedicated by the Tyttenhanger Estate and Mr Legerton, adding to the Shenley Parish Ride. The county council cleared and improved the route. It had previously been open as a permissive route.
A path was set out on the London Road verge to make a safer route for walkers, riders and cyclists from Shenley village to the Crossoaks Farm bridleway. It was funded by the county council's rights of way budget and was one of the benefits of the Shenley Local Transport Plan work. Dawn Grocock, HCC Rights of Way Officer also negotiated a permissive 'behind-the-hedge' path to continue the off road route as far south as Bucketsland Road.
2012St Stephen 94 (Hyde Lane) recorded as a restricted byway.
North Mymms 84 (Fox's Lane) recorded as a byway open to all traffic.
2013Various bridleways were opened in Aldenham village (and legally recorded) courtesy of the county council. These included the path through Berry Grove Woods (Aldenham 76 and Bushey 54), a new link from the village to the Berrygrove Woods path (Aldenham 92 and Bushey 70), the route by the side of the golf course (Aldenham 12), and a link from this to Aldenham 77 (Aldenham 87). The trust still has one path outstanding in the Wall Hall area which is being dealt with by modification order.
Packhorse Lane (North) in Shenley and Ridge parishes was successfully recorded as a bridleway.
2014North Mymms 82 (bridge over A1(M)) recorded as a bridleway.
2015Northaw 17 off Coopers Lane Road opened as bridleway. The Trust raised over 1,000 towards the county council's costs of making the route suitable and dedicating it. This included a contribution from the British Horse Society. The new path was opened by Cllr Pat Mabbott, Deputy Mayor of Welwyn Hatfield Borough Council, on 8 Aug 2015.
A new Pegasus crossing that enables users of Bridleway Shenley 13 to cross the road safely at Shenleybury was opened.
2016Bushey 72 (Nightingale Lane) was recorded as a bridleway. This was 20 years and 22 days after the original application - good things come to those who wait.
Shenley 10 BW: The final piece of the route from Woodhall Lane to Radlett Lane on Hertsmere Borough Council's land was recorded by a creation order, so securing the path that we opened for use a few years earlier. This project has taken nearly 20 years, but finally completes this section of the Aldenham Parish Ride and the Shenley Parish Ride.
2017Aldenham 97, a track by the two rivers' crossing, was recorded as a bridleway. This route had been identified in 1991 as needing to be recorded.
Colney Heath 60, Woodrake Lane, was recorded linking the A414 to Barley Mow Lane.
Ridge 44, North Mymms 90, and North Mymms 91 were recorded as bridleways. These were routes identified in 1991 by PGRC as being unrecorded.
2018St Stephen 96, Featherbed Lane, was recorded as a byway. This route had been identified in 1991 by PGRC as needing to be recorded.
2019Aldenham 83, Oakridge Lane, was finally recorded as a byway, after three inquiries and two High Court challenges. This route had been identified in 1991 by PGRC as needing to be recorded.
2020St Albans City 104 was finally recorded as a byway. This is the former slip road to the A414 North Orbital Road from Shenley Lane, London Colney, and has been turfed over for horses. The application had been made by our secretary in his voluntary work for the BHS in 1998!
The trustees decided to incorporate as a Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO) to provide greater permanance as the trust was about to take on land ownership.
2021We commented in support on a planning application that offered a link bridleway at Burston Nurseries from St Stephen 3 to Lye Lane. We commented on plans for a solar farm in Aldenham which had the potential to improve the bridleway network in the area between Hilfield Lane and Butterfly Lane. We entered into a public path creation agreement with Hertfordshire County Council to make the Jasmine Memorial Track in Sarratt a permanent bridleway.

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