Patchetts Green Bridleways Trust
NOTE: This list is under development and there are more paths yet to be added. Please let us know if you ride one that is not yet listed.
  • Aldenham 5, Oakridge Lane to Delfield Close
  • Aldenham 5A, Watford Road to Folly Close
  • Aldenham 12 BW, from Aldenham 87 BW to Crab Lane
  • Aldenham 13, Round Bush to Letchmore Heath
  • Aldenham 15 BW, from Church Lane to Aldenham 82 BW
  • Aldenham 20 RB, Watling Street and Oakridge Lane to Little Munden Farm
  • Aldenham 22, Aldenham 23 BW to Commonmeadow Lane and Crab Lane to Berrygrove Lane (Bushey)
  • Aldenham 23, St Stephen 10 (near Drop Lane) to Aldenham 22
  • Aldenham 26, Brook Drive to Oakridge Avenue thence to join Watling Street opposite The Avenue
  • Aldenham 53, Shenley Hill to Cannons Close to Newberries Avenue and Craigwell Avenue
  • Aldenham 62, St Stephen 9 BW to Crab Lane and Blackbirds Lane
  • Aldenham 66, Falcon Way at Watford parish boundary to St Stephen 64 and thence School Lane
  • Aldenham 68, Watling Street to The Heath and The Avenue, Radett
  • Aldenham 71 (Brickfields Path), Radlett
  • Aldenham 72, Hill Farm, Radlett
  • Aldenham 74, from Oakridge Lane to Blackbirds Lane
  • Aldenham 76 and Bushey 54, Berrygrove Woods path
  • Aldenham 77, Wall Hall, Aldenham (H25)
  • Aldenham 78 and Bushey 53, Hilfield Lane to Hogg Lane (Reservoir path)
  • Aldenham 79 and Elstree 60, "Tykeswater Lane": Watling Street to Theobald Street
  • Aldenham 81 BW off Aldenham 20 at Netherwylde Farm
  • Aldenham 82 Blackbirds Lane UCR, Kemprow to the Water Meadows
  • Aldenham 83 Oakridge Lane UCR, Radlett
  • Aldenham 87 From Aldenham 77 to Aldenham 12, Wall Hall
  • Aldenham 92 From Church Lane, Aldenham to the Berrygrove Woods Path
  • Aldenham 93 "The Crescent", From Church Lane, Aldenham to Aldenham 77
  • Aldenham 94 High Cross to Round Bush, avoiding road
  • Aldenham 97 from Aldenham 20 Restricted Byway to Aldenham 23 Bridleway at the River Colne ford
  • Aldenham unrecorded route at Wall Hall (order made, awaiting determination)
  • Aldenham "The Pathway", Loom Lane to Aldenham Avenue, Radlett (open but not recorded)
  • Aldenham Country Park - route possibility (not currently open)
NPR Local Government: Formerly within Watford Rural District. From 1974, part of Hertsmere Borough.
Tithe (1839) DSA4/3/2.
Initial definitive map: DM3

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