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 PG: OBJECTS: PROMOTION: Anstey 20 RB and 9 BW - Coltsfoot Lane
Map showing Anstey 20 restricted byway and Anstey 9 Bridleway
Annotated map reproduced courtesy of Googlemaps.
This route starts as a bridleway on Mill Lane and heads generally southwards on a wide grass margin to Coltsfoot Lane. Here it turns southeastwards as Anstey 20 restricted byway and continues on a well defined route to Anstey.

At the time of the BHS 2021 Access Survey (15 Aug 21), no gates were across the path. The council sign at the northern end was completely hidden by the hedge that had grown around it. (Reported 31 Aug 21.)

Anstey 9 from road
Anstey 9 looking S from road
Photo: Phil Wadey, 15 Aug 2020
Anstey 9 looking South
Anstey 9 looking S
Photo: Phil Wadey, 15 Aug 2020
Anstey 9 sign at junction with Anstey 20
Sign at junction of Anstey 9 and 20
Photo: Phil Wadey, 15 Aug 2020
Anstey 20
View SE along Anstey 20
Photo: Phil Wadey, 15 Aug 2020
Anstey 20
View SE along Anstey 20
Photo: Phil Wadey, 15 Aug 2020
Anstey 20
View SE along Anstey 20
Photo: Phil Wadey, 15 Aug 2020
BHS As part of the British Horse Society's work to record paths before Path Extinguishment Day, it was spotted that Anstey 9 stopped at a field edge. Investigation showed that it connected to the metalled public road to the south via a green lane, Coltsfoot Lane, which was unrecorded. The evidence suggested that it had been acknowledged as a public road in the 1950s, but had vanished from the official records in the intervening years. The historical evidence looked good, so an application was made in 2013 to record the old road. The County Council agreed with the application and an order was made in 2015 and confirmed unopposed.

Legal History
2 Feb 1953: Anstey 9 was recorded as a bridleway on the original definitive map and statement. DM sheet DM1-05.
31 Dec 1977: Anstey 9 was shown as bridleway on the special review draft map and statement. DM sheet SR-16 (TL43SW).
13 Mar 2013: Application to record Coltsfoot Lane as restricted byway. HCC reference EH/418.
10 Sep 2015: The Hertfordshire County Council (Anstey 20) Modification Order 2015 (confirmed 8 Jan 2016) added Coltsfoot Lane (Anstey 20) to the definitive map and statement.
2 May 2017: Anstey 9 BW was properly acknowledged in a s.31(6) deposit made by Manor Farm.
24 Aug 2021: Signage completely obscured at Mill Lane end reported to Hertfordshire County Council. Reference 401002203457.
Definitive Statement (4 Dec 2015)
Path: [Anstey] 9.  Status: Bridleway.  Definitive Map sheet: 16
Commences from at the end of RB20 leading from Coltsfoot at at TL 4187 3253 thence N to join county road E of Hale Farm and near Meesden parish boundary.

Path: [Anstey] 20.  Status: Restricted Byway.  Definitive Map sheet: 16
Coltsfoot Lane. Commences from Coltsfoot (public highway) at TL 4117 3219 running along the track generally ENE for approx. 135m to a junction with FP 8 at TL 4130 3223. Continuing generally ENE then E for approx. 410m then N for approx. 115m then NE for approx. 195m to join BR9 at TL 4187 3253.
Width: Varies between 4.8m and 14.5m as shown uncoloured on the 1910 Finance Act map.
Limitations: None

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