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 PG: OBJECTS: PROMOTION: Bushey 38 RB, Bushey 53 BW, and Aldenham 78 BW
Hilfield reservoir route in Bushey and Aldenham
Annotated map reproduced courtesy of Googlemaps.
In the early 1900s there was a through route from Hilfield Lane to Hogg Lane. The Act of Parliament that allowed the building of the reservoir stopped up rights of way that crossed the site. This left a stub of the old route (shown in red as path 38 on the plan). The replacement route round the edge of the reservoir site was just a narrow footpath so there was no through route for horses and bicycles.

In 1992/3, the BHS Access Officer for the area (also our Secretary) negotiated a bridleway link with the Colne Valley Water Company, who ran the reservoir. They agreed a bridleway around the edge of the land and put in a new fence. The new bridleway (shown in blue on the plan) is bridleway Bushey 53 and Aldenham 78.

The photograph (right) shows the official opening of the route on the Colne Valley Water Company's land. Mounted are Sue Harrington (left) and Val Howard. The path was opened by Cllr Michael Colne (left) and the chairman (we think) of the Colne Valley Water Company.

At the time of the BHS 2021 Access Survey (7 Sep 21), no gates were across the path and it was signposted at each end. The signs at the western end were in the hedge. There is a width restriction at the eastern end.

Official opening of through route

Official Opening of New Bridleway

Bushey 38
1. View from Hilfield Lane
Photo: Michael Rackham, 7 Sep 2021
Bushey 38
2. Bushey 38 towards the reservoir
Photo: Michael Rackham, 7 Sep 2021
Bushey 53
3. Bushey 53 alongside the reservoir land
Photo: Michael Rackham, 7 Sep 2021
Aldenham 78
4. Aldenham 78 alongside reservoir land
Photo: Michael Rackham, 7 Sep 2021
Aldenham 78
5. Aldenham 78 from Hogg Lane
Photo: Michael Rackham, 7 Sep 2021
BADFA A special acknowledgement is due to the Bushey and District Footpaths Association for their work towards the recording of this bridleway.
PGBT Interestingly a short section of Hogg Lane (public road) is also recorded as part of Footpath 35 Aldenham. This is shown in yellow on the plan. As a result there is an application to correct the definitive map of rights of way, otherwise rights would be truncated to only footpath on 1 January 2026.

If you have ridden or cycled the route, please download a user evidence form and then follow the instructions and return the form to us. It only takes a few minutes to fill in (the whole form fits on one side of a piece of A4 paper). If you have any other questions, please email us.

Legal History
20 Jun 1953: Bushey 38 was recorded as a CRB (Carriage Road used as a Bridleway) on the original definitive map and statement. DM sheet DM3-38.
This path used to join Hilfield Lane to Hogg Lane.
The part that fell within the land used for the Aldenham Reservoir was stopped up by powers given in s.13 Colne Valley Water Act 1945.
29 Sep 1988: The Hertfordshire County Council (Review of Definitive Map) Order 1988 recorded Aldenham 35 as a footpath. However this will not have affected the true underlying rights.
30 Jul 1993: A public path creation agreement between Hertfordshire County Council and the Colne Valley Water Limited created a bridleway link between Bushey 38 and Hogg Lane.
2 May 2006: Restricted Byway rights were confirmed or created on Bushey 38 RUPP by virtue of ss 47 and 48 Countryside and Rights of Way Act 2000.
7 Apr 2013: Application for Aldenham 35 to be recorded as a restricted byway. HCC reference HTM/202.
19 Sep 2021: Inability to see sign at western end (vegetation) reported to HCC. Reference 401002245955.
Definitive Statement (4 Dec 2015)
Path: [Bushey] 38.  Status: Restricted Byway  Definitive Map sheet: 85
Commences at east side of Hilfield Lane some 50 yards S of Hilfield Farm Cottages thence in an easterly direction across pasture land as a Restricted Byway, path continues as a FP along boundary fence of Hilfield Park Reservoir to join FP35 in Aldenham Parish.

Path: [Bushey] 53.  Status: Bridleway  Definitive Map sheet: 85
Commences from a junction with Bridleway 78 Aldenham and Restricted Byway 46 Bushey at the parish boundary at TQ 1561 9642 thence generally WSW parallel to and immediately N of FP38 for approx 160m to a junction with Restricted Byway 38 at TQ 1544 9639.
Width: 4m

Path: [Aldenham] 78.  Status: Bridleway  Definitive Map sheet: 85
Commences from county road Hogg Lane at TQ 1605 9632 thence generally WNW for a distance of approx 400 metres parallel to and immediately S of FP35 to cross it at TQ 1566 9643 continuing generally WSW parallel to and immediately N of FP35 for approx 60m to a junction with Bridleway 53 Bushey and Restricted Byway 46 Bushey at the parish boundary at TQ 1561 9642.
Width: Varies from 3m to 3.5m between Hogg Lane and TQ 1566 9643. Otherwise 4m.

Path: [Aldenham] 35.  Status: Footpath  Definitive Map sheet: 85
Commences from county road (Hog Lane) thence NW to junction with FP38 (Bushey).

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