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Map showing Bushey 36 bridleway, Bushey 68 bridleway and A41 crossing In the early 1990s, there was a plan, promoted by the British Horse Society and Hertsmere Borough Council, to make a safe crossing of the A41 and M1 in Bushey. The plan was to use the spare archway of the bridge carrying the A41 over the M1 to take a bridleroute under the A41.

Fifteen years later (spring 2005), the physical works were performed. However, despite reminders that the legal work needed to be started in good time, this did not happen.

In May 2006, we have the completed legal order to remove the motorway restrictions from the land that usually prohibit riders, walkers and cyclists. Instead, motor vehicles are excluded on this unique portion of the M1 motorway. The official opening of the path took place on 8 Aug 2006 by Lady Vesty, Vice President of the British Horse Society, and the Mayor of Hertsmere.

The sketch shows, in red, Bushey 68 from Little Bushey Lane to the A41, and Bushey 36 from the A41 to Hilfield Lane. The purple colouring shows the current route of the H25 in this area. The new crossing is at the southwestern end of Bushey 36.

Photograph of the Opening of the Route

Official Opening of Path
8 Aug 2006

The following photographs were taken on 18 Feb 05. The fencing between the new path and the motorway has not yet been installed.

Photo Photo Photo
Start, SW side of A41 The newly constructed path almost looks like a new lane to the motorway! The link back to Bushey 36 on the NW side of the A41 is still being constructed.

The following photographs were taken on early Mar 05, and are reproduced courtesy of Hertsmere Borough Council. They relate to the path from RUPP 36 leading to the subway, and show how the path construction has progressed in the last month.

Photo Photo Photo
The curve towards the underbridge Another view of the curve towards the bridge Completion of the link into Bushey 36.

The fencing across the path will be removed once the fencing between the path and the motorway has been installed and the path opened.
View along new path View along new path View along new path
View along the new path, showing the fencing under construction
Photograph courtesy Chris Beney (taken 7 Apr 05)
Signs at junction of path and A41 west-side verge
Photograph taken 13 Apr 05
Signs at junction of path, Bushey 36 and A41 east side verge
Photograph taken 13 Apr 05
View along new path
View along the path, approaching A41 bridge
Photograph taken 30 May 06

24 Sep 05 Update
Although the path has been physically constructed, the authorities have not yet completed the legal work. We reminded them in 2004 that the route was legally part of the motorway and that the motorway restrictions (capability of minimum speed and restrictions on pedestrians, cycles and horses) needed to be lifted.

12 Mar 06 Update
The Department for Transport has drafted an order to enable walkers, riders and cyclists to use the new route, and which will prohibit other traffic. A six week period has now started in which the draft order is examined, after which the Secretary of State will approve it, and we will be able to open the path.

30 May 06 Update
The Highways Agency has confirmed that the order has now been made and it is lawful to use the crossing. The barriers at each end have been removed. Please try out our new path! There will be an official opening ceremony in due course.

8 Aug 06 Update
The official opening of this path took place today. Lady Vesty, Vice-President of the British Horse Society, opened the route with the Mayor of Hertsmere, Councillors, and Officials from the Highways Agency in attendance. Riders, walkers and cyclists attended, and everyone thought it was an excellent opening for an excellent new path!

What the Papers Say...

Legal History
The North of Edgwarebury - Aldenham Special Roads Scheme 1962 (S.I. 1962 No. 2255) allowed the creation of the M1 motorway at this point, with the multiple-archway bridge to carry the A41 over it.
The North of Edgware Bury - Aldenham Special Roads Scheme (Variation) Order 2006 was drafted, advertised in the Watford Observer on 10 Mar 06, and has now been made. It restricts use of the specially constructed route to traffic of classes VII, VIII and IX, namely walkers, cyclists and equestrians. Now published as S.I. 2006 No. 2200.

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