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  • Cheshunt 77 BW from A10 to Park Lane (crosses railway)
  • Cheshunt 53 Short route joining BW to road
  • Cheshunt St Mary's School route (Cheshunt 61 to New River)
  • Cheshunt Beaumont Lane (Application made to record RB)
  • Cheshunt 26 & 65 (Application made to upgrade FPs)
  • Cheshunt 30, 29, 27 Holy Cross Hill to Brickendon Liberty 65 BW (Application made to upgrade parts of FPs) on the parish boundary

  • Cheshunt A10 Bridge route (New River to East of A10) (Route under development)
Map showing Cheshunt 2 Map showing Cheshunt 17 and 70 and Enfield 2 Map showing Cheshunt 31 Map showing Cheshunt 61 and 71 Map showing Cheshunt 73 Map showing Cheshunt 74 Map showing Cheshunt 75 Map showing Cheshunt 76 Map showing Cheshunt 77 Map showing Cheshunt 53 Map showing St Mary's School Bridleway, Cheshunt Map showing Cheshunt 65 Map showing Parish Boundary Route, Cheshunt Map showing A10 Bridge Route, Cheshunt
Annotated maps reproduced courtesy of Googlemaps.
BHS Local Government: Formerly within Cheshunt Urban District. From 1974, part of Broxbourne Borough.
Tithe (Broxbourne) (1839) DSA4/25/2. Tithe (Cheshunt) (1842) DSA4/30/2. Tithe (Wormley) (1841) DSA4/120/2.
Initial definitive map: DM2

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