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 PG: OBJECTS: PROMOTION: Cheshunt 71 Bulls Cross Ride and 61 BW Bury Green Road  H251 
Map showing Cheshunt 61 and 71 bridleways
Annotated map reproduced courtesy of Googlemaps.
This route runs from the metalled part of Bury Green Road generally southwards, past a junction with the St Mary's School bridleway, which leads to the New River, to a crossing of the B198 Lt Ellis Way. It continues from the other side of this road to a junction with Theobalds Lane (Cheshunt 74 BW) and Old Park Ride (Cheshunt 73 BW) then continues southwards along Bulls Cross Ride to a bridge, recorded as a public road, over the M25 motorway. Official 'opening' of Cheshunt 71

Official (re)opening of Cheshunt 71 as a Bridleway

BHSThis route was recorded following a BHS request to the agent for the landowners. A Quarter Sessions order had been found diverting the bridleway, and this, coupled with other evidence, was submitted for a modification order application. However, the landowner acknowledged the evidence and entered into a deed of dedication so that the County Council could record the path using the quicker method. A reopening ceremony was held in 1995 to celebrate.

Legal History
2 Feb 1953: Cheshunt 61 was recorded as a footpath from Cheshunt 48 to Cheshunt 16 on the original definitive map.
The route from Cheshunt 16 to Lt Ellis Way, and the route of Cheshunt 71 were not recorded at that time.
9 May 1994: Application made to record a bridleway along Bulls Cross Ride and Bury Green Road. HCC reference BRX/7.
1 Aug 1995: Deed of Dedication from Theobalds Park Estate.
The Hertfordshire County Council (Cheshunt 61 and 71) Legal Event Modification Order 2000 added Cheshunt 71 to and upgraded Cheshunt 61 to bridleway on the definitive map and statement.
Definitive Statement (4 Dec 2015)
Path: [Cheshunt] 61.  Status: Bridleway/Footpath.  Definitive Map sheet: 80
Commences from the County Road B198 at TL 3441 0139 and runs northwards past its junction with FP16 continuing northwards to Bury Green Farm at TL 3438 0163 where it continues as a county road and Footpath north to Burygreen Road at its junction with Portland Drive.
Width: Between 4-6 metres as shown in the 1995 Deed of Dedication of a Bridleway in Cheshunt
Limitations: Gate at TL 3438 0163 leaving a five foot (1.53 metres) gap to one side.

Path: [Cheshunt] 71.  Status: Bridleway.  Definitive Map sheet: 80
Starts from the County Road B198 at TL 3440 0135 and runs southwards along Bury Green Road crossing Theobalds Brook by a small bridge and on to Temple Bar and Theobald's Lane, continuing southwards and westwards along Old Park Ride to join Bulls Cross Ride at TL 3417 0077. The Bridleway then turns southwards following Bulls Cross Ride to TL 3431 0020 where it continues as a County Road.
Width: Between 4-6 metres as shown on the 1995 Deed of Dedication of a Bridleway in Cheshunt
Limitations: Gate at TL 3424 0079 leaving a five foot (1.53 mtres) gap to one side

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