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 PG: OBJECTS: PROMOTION: Little Hadham 10 BW
Map showing recorded Little Hadham paths
Annotated map reproduced courtesy of Googlemaps.
The route starts on the public road and heads generally southwestwards then south-southwestwards to a junction with Little Hadham 10 byway, Little Hadham 12 bridleway, and the public road that runs south-southeastwards.

At the time of the BHS 2021 Access Survey (17 and 22 Oct 21), there were wooden posts to prevent wide motor vehicles but no obstructions for riders. It was signposted at each end. The route was waterlogged in parts (but this was following rain).

Little Hadham
From public road at northern end
Photo: Phil Wadey, 22 Oct 2021
Little Hadham
Puddle just SE of start northern posts
Photo: Phil Wadey, 22 Oct 2021
Little Hadham
Heading southeastwards
Photo: Phil Wadey, 22 Oct 2021
Little Hadham
Approaching Byway 10
Photo: Phil Wadey, 22 Oct 2021
Little Hadham
Looking along bridleway from Byway 10
Photo: Marie Goddard, 17 Oct 2021
Little Hadham 10
Sign at junction with Byway 10
Photo: Phil Wadey, 22 Oct 2021
BHS As part of the British Horse Society's work to record paths before Path Extinguishment Day, it was spotted that Little Hadham 10 did not quite reach the road at its northern end. The last few metres were recorded as a footpath, an error introduced when the map was redrawn some years ago. An application was made in 2021 to record the gap correctly.

Legal History
2 Feb 1953: Little Hadham 10 was recorded as CRB (Carriage Road used as a Bridleway) on the original definitive map and statement. DM sheet DM1-17 (Herts 22 NE).
31 Dec 1977: Little Hadham 10 was shown as part byway, part bridleway and part footpath on the special review draft map and statement. DM sheet SR-33 (TL42SW).
11 Sep 2021: Discrepancy on HCC online map queried with the county council so that any change can be applied for before 2026.
25 Sep 2021: Application to correctly record the north end of Little Hadham 10 BW at road junction. HCC reference EH/510.
Definitive Statement (4 Dec 2015)
Path: [Little Hadham] 10.  Status: Byway Open to All Traffic / Bridleway / Footpath.  Definitive Map sheet: 33
Commences at junction with FP54 W of Queer Wood thence SW as Footpath across county road as a BR to join BR12 thence N as BOAT to county road.

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