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 PG: OBJECTS: PROMOTION: Offley route from Offley 14 BW to Chalk Hill
Map showing Offley unrecorded route
Annotated map reproduced courtesy of Googlemaps.
The route starts on Offley 14 bridleway and runs generally southeastwards to Chalk Hill, an unsurfaced public road.

A volunteer has photographed this route for the 2021/22 Access and Riding Rights of Way Survey, and the page will be updated shortly. Find out more!

At the time of the BHS 2022 Access Survey (10 Apr 22), there were no gates across the path, but overgrowth that wasn't present in 2013 made the route very hard to get all the way along. There were no signposts.

BHS As part of the British Horse Society's work to record paths before Path Extinguishment Day, it was spotted that Offley 14 would be a cul-de-sac for riders if this unrecorded route were stopped up. The historical evidence showed a continuous route and there had been plenty of use of the route by riders over many years, so an application was made in 2013 to record the gap. Unfortunately the county council has a large backlog of applications to process, so it could take a while.

Legal History
20 Jun 2013: Application made to record route as restricted byway. HCC reference NH/253.
6 May 2021: Reports are coming in of wire across the route at the southern end. We asked the county council to investigate. Wire was subsequently removed.
10 Apr 2022: Overgrowth is now prevent equestrian access, so it will be necessary to advance the application.
29 Apr 2022: Application made to the Secretary of State for a direction. PINS reference FPS/M1900/14D/32.
Definitive Map sheet: 19
[This route has not yet been added to the definitive map and so there is no definitive statement.]

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