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Map of recorded paths in Offley
Annotated map reproduced courtesy of Googlemaps.
The path starts from an unrecorded path and heads generally northeastwards then eastwards to a junction with Hitchin 33 bridleway and Hitchin 28 byway.

A volunteer has photographed this route for the 2021/22 Access and Riding Rights of Way Survey, and the page will be updated shortly. Find out more!

At the time of the BHS 2022 Access Survey (10 Apr 22), there was a tree across the path near the junction with Hitchin 28. This could be walked round by walkers and riders, but is nevertheless an obstruction. There were waymark arrows at each end and at the right-angled turn part way along. The path is wide, fenced or hedged for most of its length, and pleasant to use.

Legal History
10 Apr 2022: Fallen tree obstruction reported to HCC, reference 401002633187.
Definitive Statement (4 Dec 2015)
Path: [Offley] 14.  Status: Bridleway.  Definitive Map sheets: 19 and 20
Commences from county road immediately N of "Red Lion" P.H. thence NE as FP skirting southern edge of Botanybay Plantation and northern edge of Aldwicks Plantation to continue NE as BR just NE of southern end of Minsbury Plantations thence generally NE to join parish boundary at Hare's Lane apposite BR33 (Hitchin Town).

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