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 PG: OBJECTS: PROMOTION: Sarratt 80 - 'The Memorial Track' created by the Jasmine Safety Track Trust
Map showing Sarratt Memorial Track bridleroute
Annotated map reproduced courtesy of Googlemaps.
This bridleway, ‘the Memorial Track’, was opened in 1997. It runs parallel with Bucks Hill Road and then drops down to Old School Lane. It provides an important and well used safe way for horse riders to negotiate this very narrow, windy and dangerous piece of Bucks Hill Road, and links to other bridleways and paths.

We are grateful to Elaine Crawford for taking the video while riding the route.

JSST The Jasmine Safety Track Trust purchased the land to create this bridleroute, and opened the path in 1997. The Trust had been formed in 1994 by Tina Robinson after the death of Jasmine, her son’s pony, in a tragic road traffic accident on Bucks Hill, Chipperfield. The Trust was run by volunteers and had been financed over the years by fund raising and donations from local councils, business and individuals. The Memorial Track was the third route to be opened by the Trust.

PGBT In 2019/20, the Patchetts Green Bridleways Trust worked with the Jasmine Safety Track Trust to secure the long term future of the route. PGBT became a charitable incorporated organisation, to ensure there was a long term legal body to own the track instead of individual trustees. PGBT formulated the case for the County Council to take over the path as a public bridleway maintainable at the public expense, using the evidence and statements collected by JSST and CVBA. The land was transfered to the Patchetts Green Bridleways Trust in 2020, and the public path creation agreement was executed by the County Council on 22 July 2021.

CVBAThe Chess Valley Bridleways Association will be maintaining the memorial, set back from the bridleway at the corner.

Legal History
13 Oct 2020: The land transferred from the Jasmine Safety Track Trust to the Patchetts Green Bridleways Trust. The route was planned to become a public bridleway, but this would not happen until the county council have executed the public path creation agreement. The Patchetts Green Bridleways Trust gave permission for the route's use as a bridleway in the meantime.
22 Jul 2021: Public Path Creation Agreement was executed by the Patchetts Green Bridleways Trust and the Hertfordshire County Council.
16 Dec 2021: The Hertfordshire County Council (Sarratt 80 - Jasmine Safety Track) Legal Event Modification Order 2021 added this path to the definitive map.
Definitive Statement (22 Jul 2021)
Path: [Sarratt] 80.  Status: Bridleway.  Definitive Map sheet: 83
The Jasmine Safety Track commences at TQ 0579 9975, approximately 80m SEof Bucks Hill Cottage on Bucks Hill (public highway), then in a SW direction for approximately 12m, at TQ 0579 9973 then turns SE and continues on the S side of Bucks Hill for approximately 290m to TQ 0597 9951. Then turning S for approximately 25m to TQ 0598 9948, thence SSE for approximately 157m to Bottom Lane (public highway) at TQ 0593 9935.
Width: 8m.
Limitations: The owner reserves the right to maintain a limitation in the form of a horse stile, gate or width restriction (gap) at or within 10m of each of the points, TQ 0579 9973 and TQ 0594 9935.

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