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Please let us know if you ride a route that is not yet listed. Not all paths have numbers. Why not help with this year's Access and Riding Rights of Way survey?
  • Shenley 3, Well End Bridleway proposal - read more help us create this path!
  • Shenley 10, Woodhall Lane to Radlett Lane (Shenley Parish Ride)
  • Shenley 13, Parish boundary to Shenleybury to Ridge Hill (B556) (Part H25, part Shenley Parish Ride)
  • Shenley - Pegasus Crossing at Shenleybury
  • Shenley 13 to Shenley 12 link, evidence being collected (Shenley Parish Ride)
  • Shenley 17 and Ridge 37, from London Road to Crossoaks Lane
  • Shenley - Pegasus Crossing at Bell Lane, (H25)
  • Shenley 21, Bell Lane to Shenley 13 (H25)
  • Shenley 31, Well End Road to High Cannons
  • Shenley 33, from Rectory Lane to Mimms Lane (Shenley Parish Ride)
  • Shenley 35, Bell Lane to London Colney 1 RB 'Blind Lane' (H25)
  • Shenley 36, route north of Cow Banks Wood, Shenley (Shenley Parish Ride)
  • Shenley 38, New Shenley Bridleway from Radlett Lane to Shenley 13 (H25, Shenley Parish Ride)
  • Shenley 39 and Ridge 39 - Old Packhorse Lane, from Crossoaks Lane to Mimms Lane (Shenley Parish Ride)
  • Shenley 40 and Ridge 38, "Old St Albans Road", by Ridge Hill (H25, Shenley Parish Ride)
  • Shenley 41, Bridleway from Shenley 13 and Farm Close, round buildings to Shenley 13 (Shenley Parish Ride)
  • Shenley 42, Bridleway from Shenley 13 to Old St Albans Road (H25, Shenley Parish Ride)
  • Shenley 43 and Ridge 40 - Bridleway from Shenley 42, under M25, then approximately round field edge to meet Ridge 6 BW (and hence get to Colney Heath).
  • Shenley 45 - Restricted byway from Theobald Street to Woodhall Lane
  • Shenley: London Road/Silver Hill verge (Shenley Parish Ride)
  • Harperbury Hospital Proposals - various routes between Harper Lane and Porters Park (New Shenley).
Read about the Shenley Equestrian Travel Plan work to develop paths in the parish.
NPR Local Government: Formerly within Elstree Rural District. From 1974, part of Hertsmere District.
Tithe (c1840) DSA4/94/2.
Initial definitive map: DM3

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