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 PG: OBJECTS: PROMOTION: South Mimms Dyrham Lane
Map showing Dyrham Lane, South Mimms
Annotated map reproduced courtesy of Googlemaps.
This route joins Trotters Bottom (public road) to the verge of the A1. The Highways Agency made sure that the verge was cleared for riders, and put in some protective crash barriers. The verge is used to go southwestwards towards the bridleway bridge over the A1.
BHS PGBTOn 19 March 2005, we made an application to record this route after reports of a gate across it. We now wait for it to be decided by the county council.

Legal History
Not recorded on the original (1953) definitive map and statement.
19 Mar 2005: Application to record Durham Lane as a byway. (HCC ref. HTM/164)
This path is in South Mimms Parish from May 2008, when the South Mimms Parish was created by SI 2008/43.

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