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 PG: OBJECTS: PROMOTION: South Mimms 81 - Wash Lane
Map showing Wash Lane, South Mimms
Annotated map reproduced courtesy of Googlemaps.
This route joins Swanland Road (and verge to bridleway Potters Bar 24) to bridleway Potters Bar 75 then to bridleway South Mimms 71 which leads under the M25 motorway to Dancers Lane.

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BHS PGBT As part of the Patchetts Green Bridleways Trust's and the British Horse Society's work to record paths before Path Extinguishment Day, it was spotted that this useful path was not on the definitive map. The historical evidence showed a continuous route, so applications were made (for part of the route in 2003, and the remainder in 2005) to record it. The County Council agreed with the application and an order was made in 2022 to record the route as a byway. This will not affect the traffic regulation order that prohibits motor vehicles on part of the length. We await the result of the order process.

Legal History
29 Aug 1984: The Hertsmere Borough Council (Wash Lane, South Mimms) (Restriction of Driving) Order 1984 prohibited vehicles from much of Wash Lane.
30 Oct 2000: The Hertsmere Borough Council (Wash Lane, South Mimms & Dancers Lane, Barnet) (Restriction of Driving) Order 2000 modified the terms of the 1984 order.
28 Feb 2003: Application to record Swanland Road to BW 75 as a byway. (HCC ref. HTM/154)
8 Apr 2005: Application to record BW 75 to BW 71 as a byway. (HCC ref. HTM/163)
This path is in South Mimms Parish from May 2008, when the South Mimms Parish was created by SI 2008/43.
2 Oct 2018: Secretary of State directed Hertfordshire County Council to determine this application. (Reference FPS/M1900/14D/13.)
8 Jan 2021: Hertfordshire County Council Investigation report issued.
21 Apr 2022: The Hertfordshire County Council (South Mimms 81) Modification Order 2022, will, if confirmed, add Wash Lane to the definitive map and statement as a byway.
Proposed Definitive Statement (23 Feb 2022)
Path: [South Mimms] 81.  Status: Byway Open to All Traffic.  Definitive Map sheets: 78 and 86
Wash Lane. Commencing from Swanland Road (public road) at TL 2281 0066 then E for approx. 115m to junction with Potters Bar FP43 at TL 2292 0067. Continues SE along the parish boundary for approx. 200m to junction with Potters Bar FP44 and BR75 at TL 2303 0051. Continues SSE for approx. 340m crossing the bridge over Mimmshall Brook at TL 2311 0017, then SSE for approx. 250m to junction with South Mimms FP56 and BR71 at TQ 2320 9994. Continues SE for approx. 55m to TQ 2325 9991 where it terminates at N boundary of the M25 motorway. No junction with the M25 at TQ 2325 9991.
Width: Varies between 7 and 21 metres between TL 2281 0066 and TQ 2325 9991 and includes the Potters Bar moiety of the route as shown shaded grey on the plan forming part of the Hertfordshire County Council (South Mimms 81) Modification Order 2022.
Limitations: None.

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