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Map showing St Albans City 104 byway
Annotated map reproduced courtesy of Googlemaps.
This route runs from Shenley Lane to the North Orbital Road.

Taken with the wide verge from St Stephen 85 bridleway in the west, it allows access to St Albans City 58 bridleway off Napsbury Lane to the north, or various routes into London Colney to the south.

The old slip road had been turfed over, so it is a nice grass route.

Our thanks go to the British Horse Society's local access officer for getting this path recorded.

Arial Photograph

Ariel Photograph of Path
Photo credit: Hertfordshire CC, 2000

BHS This route used to be a slip road onto the North Orbital Road westbound carriageway, but was stopped to motor vehicles in 1990. The motor vehicular rights were preserved from extinguishment by the Natural Environment and Rural Communities Act 2006 by s.67(2)(c) as it had been created by an enactment or instrument that expressly provided for it to be a right of way for mechanically propelled vehicles, and by s.67(2)(d) as it was created by the construction, in exercise of powers conferred by virtue of any enactment of a road intended for mechanically propelled vehicles. The right of use by vehicles remains suspended by the 1990 prohibition of driving order.

Legal History
29 Oct 1990: The Trunk Road (A405) (Napsbury Interchange, Westbound on-slip road) (Prohibition of Entry) Order 1990 [SI 1990/2163] prohibits use of the route by vehicles from 5 Nov 1990.
25 Feb 1998: Application made to record route as byway.
19 Feb 2018: Secretary of State directed Hertfordshire County Council to make a decision on the application by 19 Aug 2018.
11 Dec 2019: The Hertfordshire County Council (St Albans City 104) Modification Order 2019 was made to record this route as a byway open to all traffic. It was confirmed unopposed on 23 Jul 2020.
Definitive Statement (4 Dec 2015)
Path: [St Albans City] 104.  Status: Byway Open to All Traffic  Definitive Map sheet: 77
Commences at a junction with Shenley Lane (public highway) at TL 1629 0488 and runs WNW for approx. 90m to a junction with the North Orbital Road (public highway) at TL 1621 0492.
Width: Varies between 6m and 35m between TL 1629 0488 and TL 1621 0492 and shown shaded grey on the 'Hertfordshire County Council (St Albans City 104) Modification Order 2019' Order Plan.
Limitations: None.

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