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Stevenage Borough Stevenage Borough is outside our core area so we don't usually get involved in issues relating to path surfaces or obstructions here.

We are interested in historical research to get routes recorded before Path Extinguishment Day, and any path creation work.

For problems in Stevenage, please report it to the county council and copy the BHS for information.

Stevenage is not split into parish council areas.
BHS The Stevenage Development Corporation set out a Stevenage Horse and Pony Route that would be completed as Stevenage was developed as a New Town. However, although the route was often constructed, it wasn't added to the definitive map. Ensuring the whole route is recorded is a major piece of work. It is being led by the British Horse Society, and will help ensure that future developers can't remove the paths that were put in without full public rights of objection.

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