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 PG: OBJECTS: PROMOTION: Therfield 44 and Bassingbourn-cum-Kneesworth 16
Map showing Therfield 44 and Bassingbourn 16 bridleways
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Annotated map reproduced courtesy of Googlemaps.
This route starts from the Bassingbourne Road, in Cambridgeshire. It proceeds generally south south east on a well defined track across fields to a junction with Basingbourn 15 byway and continues to a level crossing. After the crossing, it passes into Hertfordshire, crosses the A505 and ends on the Baldock Road.

Note that Bassingbourn 16 includes a gated level crossing of the railway. Riders must dismount and call the signalman on the telephones provided before and after crossing.

Bassingbourn 16 sign at start

Sign at junction with Bassingbourn Road
Photo: Nicki Harris, 25 Apr 2021

Start of Bassingbourn 16

View from Bassingbourn Road
Photo: Nicki Harris, 25 Apr 2021

Bassingbourn 16 view along path

Most of Bassingbourn 16 looks like this!
Photo: Nicki Harris, 25 Apr 2021

Bassingbourn 16 level crossing

Approaching the level crossing
Photo: Nicki Harris, 25 Apr 2021

Bassingbourn 16 sign at start

Bassingbourn 16 south of level crossing
Photo: Nicki Harris, 25 Apr 2021

Crossing the A505

Therfield 44 - A505 crossing
Photo: Nicki Harris, 26 Apr 2021

Therfield 44 sign at end

Sign at junction with Baldock Road
Photo: Nicki Harris, 26 Apr 2021

Legal History
31 Dec 1977: The route was entirely within Cambridgeshire at the time of the Hertfordshire special review draft map and statement. DM sheet SR-3.
19 Apr 1979: The County of Hertfordshire (Litlington Road to Hyde Hill Farm, Royston Classified Road), A505 Royston By-Pass (Side Roads) Order 1979 (Schedule 1) authorised the diversion of the route at its southern end to accommodate the Royston bypass. It also refered to the route as a 'drift road'.
1 Apr 1989: The Cambridgeshire, Essex, Hertfordshire and Lincolnshire (County Boundaries) Order 1989 moved part of the path into Hertfordshire.
2 Jul 1997: The Cambridgeshire County Council (Public Footpaths Nos 17 and 18 and Bridleway No 16 Bassingbourn) Definitive Map Modification Order 1997 removed the part now falling in Hertfordshire from the definitive map of Cambridgeshire.
11 Mar 2002: Therfield 44 was not shown in 2000 definitive statement.
21 Feb 2006: Therfield 44 shown in 2005 definitive statement.
Definitive Statement - Hertfordshire (4 Dec 2015)
Path: [Therfield] 44.  Status: Bridleway.  Definitive Map sheet: 3
Commences from the former route of the A505 at its junction with the western end of the Royston Bypass (A505) proceeding northwards for approx. 90m to a point immediately north of the A505 and then in a north easterly direction for approx. 90m alongside the road to its conjunction with BR16 (Bassingbourn) at the County Boundary

Definitive Statement - Cambridgeshire (11 May 2016)
Path: [Basingbourn-cum-Kneesworth] 16.  Status: Bridleway.
Starts at the Litlington Road near Low Farm; proceeds along grass field track 15 ft. wide at side of parish boundary along the edge of arable fields to the Ashwell Street; continues in the same direction along the edge of more arable fields still at side of parish boundary to and beyond belt of trees near No. 17 F.P. to a fieldgate at railway level crossing; over railway and another gate and along grass roadway to its termination at the Hertfordshire county boundary.
Width: Awarded as a public bridleway 15 ft. wide from the Litlington Road to FP No. 17, remainder of length awarded as a public carriage road 40 ft. wide.

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