Patchetts Green Bridleways Trust

We're trying to get 200 households each giving 6 to the bridleways fund by standing order, to help establish a fund that can really make a difference to the bridleway network. If you're willing to join in (for a mere 50p a month!) please fill in the combined supporter and banker's order form and send it to us. We'll register you as a supporter and forward it to your bank for you. We'll also send you a copy of our latest annual report and keep you informed of bridleways development work in the area. And if you tick the gift aid box, the six pounds is worth 7.50 to us at no extra cost!

If you prefer you can set up the standing order via online banking and just send us the supporter form.

Bushey 55 Bridleway - safeguarded with help from Patchetts Green Riding Club Bushey 55: A wide grass bridleroute with a narrow strip for cyclists, safeguarded in 2004.

Registering as a supporter helps the Trust negotiate with local authorities. An organisation supported by a larger cross-section of the community usually has a better chance of success than a very small organisation.

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