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This route commences at Falcon Way, passes under the M1 motorway and follows the old line of the road to join St Stephen 64 BW at parish boundary (which leads to School Lane, Bricket Wood).

Legal History
The Watford and South of St Albans - Redbourn - Kidney Wood, Luton, Special Roads (Improvements) Order 1958 divered the 'Bridle Road' known as 'Garston Lane' to the route that uses what is now the M1 underbridge. 'Garston Lane' later became known as 'School Lane'.
The Hertfordshire County Council (Watford 16, Aldenham 66 and Aldenham 80) Modification Order 2005 (confirmed 20 Jun 06) recorded the bridleway correctly in respect of its passage under the M1 and recorded the whole of the Aldenham length as having a width of 5m. (PINS reference FPS/M1900/7/36.)
Definitive Statement (10 Dec 2005)
Path: [Aldenham] 66.  Status: Bridleway  Map Sheet: 76 and 84
Commences at parish boundary at junction with Falcon Way on the west side of the M1 (TL 1231 0000), then east through the underpass, thence generally NE to join St. Stephen BR 64 at parish boundary (TL 1253 0012).
Width: 5 metres
Limitations: None

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