Patchetts Green Bridleways Trust
NOTE: This list is under development and there are more paths yet to be added. Please let us know if you ride one that is not yet listed.
  • St Stephen 1, Blunt's Lane to Noke Lane
  • St Stephen 2, North Orbital Road to St Stephen 1
  • St Stephen 3, Burston Drive and Penn Road to North Orbital Road
  • St Stephen 3A, North Orbital Road to manor Drive and Willow Way
  • St Stephen 4, St Stephen 41 and 72 at Ninnings Farm, to Chequers Lane and Woodside Road
  • A405 Pegasus Crossing, Bricket Wood
  • St Stephen 5, Watling Street/Colney street over railway to Harper Lane
  • St Stephen 6, Smug Oak Lane to county road leading to Colney Street (H25)
  • Riverside Way, Drop Lane to St Stephen 74 (H25)
  • Unrecorded route from St Stephen 6 to Colney Street (H25)
  • St Stephen 7, Smug Oak Lane through former Ambassador College to Drop Lane
  • St Stephen 8, Bucknalls Lane through Bricket Wood Common to School Lane
  • St Stephen 9, School Lane through Munden Estate to Aldenham 62 towards Blackbirds Lane
  • St Stephen 10, Drop Lane, through two rivers' crossing to Aldenham 23
  • St Stephen 11, Station Road (opposite Drop Lane) to South Riding (county road)
  • St Stephen 12, From St Stephen 11 to Lye Lane
St Stephen

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