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Bridleway 77 runs from Church Lane, Aldenham, to bridleway 22. This is shown in red as route A - B - C - D on the sketch plan.

This path was an old road, but it was lawfully stopped up. However, the route was never physically stopped to walkers and riders, and consequently it was rededicated as bridleway. This was realised when the Patchetts Green Riding Club was conducting the survey of routes used in 1991 as part of the British Horse Society's ARROW campaign. Accordingly, an application was made to ensure that riders were not prevented from using the route in the future.

Subsequently, when it was realised that the route would form part of the H25 London Orbital Bridleroute, an approach was made to the landowners (Hertfordshire County Council and the University of Hertfordshire), and both agreed to execute a deed recognising the bridleway, so saving the wait for the recording application to be processed.

Aldenham 77
Sketch plan of route

  • Map of locality
  • British Horse Society path opening information

    Legal History
    The path was formally created as bridleway by an agreement dated 31 October 1996 under s.31 Highways Act 1980 between the Hertfordshire County Council and the University of Hertfordshire.
    The Hertfordshire County Council (Aldenham 77) Legal Event Modification Order 1999 recorded the route on the definitive map.
    The Hertfordshire County Council (Aldenham 84, 85, 86 and 87) Legal Event Modification Order 2009 altered the definitive statement to record a junction with Aldenham 87 and 84.
    Definitive Statement (8 Dec 2009)
    Path: [Aldenham] 77.  Status: BW
    Commences from a junction with BR22 S of Binghams Wood at TQ 1289 9896 thence generally NE along a track for approx 240m to a junction with FP 16 at TQ 1311 9905 continuing along the track NE for approx 380m to the junction with BR87 at TQ 1344 9923 thence SE for approx 20m to TQ 1346 9922 thence generally S for approx 330m to a junction with the other end of FP16 at TQ 1347 9890 thence generally SE (passing the junction with FP84 at TQ 1378 9861) for approx 600m to a junction with the county road at Aldenham Village at N of church at TQ 1392 9851.
    Width: Varies between 3m and 8m as shown hatched on the Plan forming part of the Hertfordshire County Council (Aldenham 77) Legal Event Modification Order 1999.
    Limitations:Locked gate with a 5 ft (1.52m) gap at TQ 1346 9922
    Locked gate with a 5 ft (1.52m) gap at TQ 1375 9862
    Appears on definitive map sheet: 84.

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