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 PG: OBJECTS: PROMOTION: Aldenham 93 The Crescent  H25 

Current status: definitive bridleway.

Bridleway Aldenham 93 is also known as 'The Crescent'. It is shown from C to G on the plan. An application for it to be recorded was made in 1994 following The British Horse Society's surveys of ridden routes, where it was found that the route was being used as a bridleway but was not on the definitive map.

It remains physically open and available for use.

It is in the process of being dedicated (for the avoidance of doubt) by the Hertfordshire County Council as part of the Wall Hall major project. This process will remove the need for the modification order process to be followed.

We are grateful to the Hertfordshire County Council Rural Estates department for agreeing to (re-)dedicate this route.

Part of it was walked following the official opening of the routes and publication of a leaflet by the Chairman of the County Council on 13 Dec 13.

Photograph taken 1 Oct 11. Sign for Aldenham 93. Photograph taken 1 Oct 11. Church Lane entrance to Aldenham 93.

Sketch plan of route
Ordnance Survey plan of route (shown in red)
Image based on original obtained from the Ordnance Survey Get-a-map service (2005). Image reproduced with kind permission of Ordnance Survey.

Legal History
25 Apr 94: Application made to have this path recorded.
Creation details will be posted once the process is complete.
Hertfordshire County Council decided that the route had been dedicated by them as landowner at common law.
The Hertfordshire County Council (Wall Hall) Legal Event Modification Order 2015 recorded this path.
Definitive Statement (5 May 2015)
Path: [Aldenham] 93.  Status: Bridleway
Commences from Church Lane (public road) at TQ 1388 9839 and continuing W and N along The Crescent for approx. 200m to TQ 1382 9856, then continuing NW along the track parallel to Aldenham BR 77 for approx. 75m to join Aldenham BR 77 at TQ 1377 9861.
Width: Varying between 3m and 16m as shown shaded grey on Part 8 of the Order Plan.
Limitations: None

Appears on definitive map sheet: 84.

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