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Bushey 36 is a 'Restricted Byway'. This means that the public have rights over it on foot, on horseback and leading a horse, on bicycle and in a horse drawn vehicle. This route runs from Hilfield Lane to the A41, and shortly, to the new crossing of the A41 by using the spare arch of the bridge carrying the A41 over the M1 motorway.

2005 news: the very steep part of the path (where it changes direction in the adjacent sketch map, has now been regraded and made less steep, which should make its use easier for walkers and riders.

The sketch shows, in red, Bushey 68 from Little Bushey Lane to the A41, and Bushey 36 from the A41 to Hilfield Lane. The purple colouring shows the current route of the H25 in this area.

Sketch of the route Sketch map of the Route

This map shows the area of the path.

View from Hilfield Lane View from Hilfield Lane (taken 7 Apr 05, showing the less steep regraded section)
Photograph courtesy Chris Beney

Legal History
Bushey 36 RUPP was converted to a Restricted Byway by virtue of s.47 Countryside and Rights of Way Act 2000, on 2 May 06.
Definitive Statement (10 Dec 2005)
Path: [Bushey] 36.  Status: RUPP
Commences at side of By-pass 300 yards S Hendon, and Aldenham Kennels and runs in a NE direction to junction with Hilfield Lane 40 yards S of Hilfield Farm.
Appears on definitive map sheet: 84.

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