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Bridleway 51 Bushey (shown in blue) used to be part of Hilfield Lane South. It was stopped up reserving bridleway rights. It connects to Bushey 40 (shown in red) which runs over a footbridge to the A41 opposite Hilfield Lane. During the BHS Year of Access and Riding Rights of Way (ARROW) in the early 1990s, the survey of riding routes for the area by the Patchetts Green Riding Club found that this ridden route was only recorded as a footpath. An application was made to have it recognised as a bridleway in 1996.

13 Aug 2010: The order to record the footbridge (part of Bushey 40) as a bridleway was confirmed by the County Council on 30 July 2010 and advertised on the 13 August 2010. It is necessary to lead a horse over the Bushey 40 bridge as there are height restrictions, but the former Department of Transport put mounting blocks at each end of it, so making it more convenient for equestrians. This restriction is recorded as a limitation in the order.

Sketch of the Route Sketch of the Route

Legal History
The Conversion of Highways into Footpaths or Bridleways (County of Hertford) (No 3) Order 1979 turned the northern part of Hilfield Lane South into Bridleway 51.
Definitive Map Modification Order application made in respect of Bushey 40, 21 Jan 1996. Turned down by Hertfordshire County Council.
15 Mar 2010: Secretary of State allowed appeal, and directed Hertfordshire County Council to make an order recording Bushey 40 as BW.
The Hertfordshire County Council (Bushey 40) Modification Order 2010, confirmed 30 Jul 2010, recorded the bridge as a bridleway.
Definitive Statement (20 Apr 2010)
Path: [Bushey] 51.  Status: Bridleway
Commences from junction with BR40 by the bridge crossing the M1 thence in a south-easterly direction to the junction of Hilfield Lane South with the caravan park access road.
Width: Varies between 13-15 metres.

Definitive Statement (20 Apr 2010)
Path: [Bushey] 40.  Status: Footpath and Bridleway
Commences at junction with Little Bushey Lane 50 yards south of Harts Farm (same point as start of FP33) thence E across field to M1 following the boundary to join Hilfield Lane and at TQ 1539 9545 becomes BR40 and continues generally N across M1 footbridge to TQ 1541 9554 then NW to join A41 at TQ 1536 9557.
Limitations: Equestrian users must dismount and lead their horse between TQ 1539 9545 and TQ 1536 9557.
Appears on definitive map sheet: 85.

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