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Map showing Bushey 72 bridleway
Annotated map reproduced courtesy of Googlemaps.
'Whomsoever Lane' is the bridleway from Merry Hill Road generally south-south-west to Prowse Avenue, in Bushey parish. This path is actually a very old route which was in use (at least by walkers) at the time it was recorded. The order to record the path was unopposed, making this a quick acquisition compared to others! The Merry Hill Greenway (part of the H25 London Orbital Bridleroute) has a junction with Merry Hill Road to the west of this path. Official opening of Whomsoever Lane

Official Opening of Newly Recorded Bridleway (1992)

BADFA A special acknowledgement is due to the Bushey and District Footpaths Association for their work towards the recording of this bridleway.

Legal History
The Hertsmere Borough Council (Bridleway No 52 Bushey) Modification Order 1992 added this path to the definitive map.
Definitive Statement (10 Dec 2005)
Path: [Bushey] 52. (Whomsoever Lane)  Status: Bridleway
Commences at junction with Merry Hill Road, Bushey (TQ 14040 94265) and continues in a SSE direction for a distance of approx. 310m (to TQ 14140 93985) and thence in an E direction for a distance of approx. 44m to the junction with Prowse Avenue (TQ 14180 93982) an overall distance of approx. 354m.
Width: varying between 8.5m at TQ 14045 94253 and 15m at TQ 14095 94060 and TQ 14120 94060 inclusive of boundary hedges and trees and giving a useful width at 19 May 1992 of between 7.5m and 10m

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