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Bridleway 55 Bushey was recorded on the definitive map in October 2004 following use stretching back over many years.

This route, some 285 yds of grassy bridleway with a narrow hardened strip for walkers and cyclists, forms part of the London Orbital Bridleroute (H25). Evidence to demonstrate equestrian rights had been collected by the Patchetts Green Riding Club and the British Horse Society, and the application to record the route had been made by the Bushey and District Footpaths Association. All who used the path and completed the evidence form are thanked for playing their part in safeguarding the route for future riders.

Photo of the bridleway Photo of bridleway

This map shows the area of the safeguarded path. The bridleway runs just south of the allotments, from Homefield Road to Finch Lane.

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Legal History
The Hertfordshire County Council (Bushey 55) Modification Order 2004 added this path to the definitive map. It had been dedicated by the land owners in 1967!
Definitive Statement (10 Dec 2005)
Path: [Bushey] 55.  Status: Bridleway
Commences from county road Homefield Road (TQ 1321 9603), then proceeds south-east for approx. 260m to rejoin Homefield Road (TQ 1339 9589).
Width: Varies between 13m and 35m as shown on the plan forming part of the Hertfordshire County Council (Bushey 55) Modification Order 2004
Limitations: Bollards at the junction with Spring Crofts at TQ 1333 9593 as specified in the Hertfordshire County Council (Bushey 55) Modification Order 2004.

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